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Holle Organic Baby Formula

Cow based

Hipp Organic Baby Formula

Cow Based

Lebenswert Organic Baby Formula

Cow based

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Organic farming

To reduce pollution, conserve water, reduce soil erosion, and use less energy.


This product is fully gluten-free.

No added sugar

No sugar has been added to this product in any part of the production.


None of the ingredients of this product are obtained from Genetically Modified Organisms.

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Customers reviews

This formula[Holle]for my little one is wonderful. She has no issues digesting, no gas issues either. She is 4 months & 1 week. I did try several other brands and this one has been the best.
Coline Fernandez

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Best formula ever. My baby really likes Hipp Combiotik and he gained so much weight. I tried other brands but he was not gaining that much like with hipp. My baby is so big right now he is wearing 6-9months clothes but he just turned 3months yesterday šŸ™‚ So I will never switch to another brand again. the price is affordable as well.
Sarah Colberg